The Best Highlands Ranch HOA Color Schemes

The Highlands Ranch neighborhood began development in the early 80’s and this year marks 40 years as a thriving community here in Colorado. With four decades under its belt, the homes in Highlands Ranch have probably all been repainted at least once. HRCA is one of the best HOAs, or Homeowners Associations, in the area as they are known for being responsive to their residents. As a local Highlands Ranch house painter, we’re quite familiar with this HOA and we’ve enjoyed working with them over the years. As a small celebration of their 40th anniversary we’ve had our resident color experts choose their favorite Highlands Ranch Golf Club color schemes. Keep reading for more!

Highlands Ranch HOA Color Schemes

We love being a Highlands Ranch painter because HRCA really allows their residents to have fun with their home colors. The goal of most HOAs is to protect the value of homes within its community and take care of its community members. The Highlands Ranch Community Association does this exceedingly well while still offering homeowners the opportunity to express themselves. If you look around the neighborhood you’ll see fun punches of color blended with the earth-toned neutrals we’re so accustomed to here in Colorado. This just means you’re able to choose colors outside of their recommended list. However, if you need to choose colors quickly, we always recommend choosing pre-approved or recommended color schemes to ease the process whenever possible.

HRCA Golf Course Best Neutral Colors

Some may say neutrals are boring but we disagree. When done well, neutrals can help enhance the elements of your home and let architectural features or landscaping shine.  Sometimes “blending in” is best for you and your home so here our favorite neutral Highlands Ranch Golf Course schemes that we know you’ll love!

1. Scheme 10 – Worldly Gray SW 7043Intellectual Gray SW 7045, and Urbane Bronze SW 7048

This scheme has some of our favorite colors of all time and it’s a more modern take on a gray or beige. Worldly Gray is incredible because it really moves between warm and cold so it ends up complementing both of those tones well. Urbane Bronze was Sherwin Williams color of the year and we love this in place of a more harsh, sharp black trim color like we’d seen in 2020. There isn’t a huge amount of contrast between Intellectual Gray and Worldly Gray so you end up with very harmonious colors on the body and Urbane Bronze can shine on the trim for a dramatic effect.

2. Scheme 15 – Taupe Tone SW 7633Foothills SW 7514, and Shoji White SW 7042

Scheme 15 is another great option that balances warm and cool tones. This makes for a very dynamic and universal color scheme. Taupe Tone is a cooler taupe which makes it feel more modern than some other options. This scheme has Shoji White as the trim color for a little bit more of a traditional look with higher contrast. Foothills adds a bit of depth to the body which helps round out the scheme and create visual interest.

3.Scheme 18 – Westhighland White SW 7566Loggia SW 7506Foothills SW 7514

Foothills makes another appearance here but in a completely different way. Here we have a much lighter body color in Westhighland White and a darker trim color with Foothills.  This is almost like a craftsman take on a modern farmhouse look and that has been very popular this year. Loggia adds just that little bit of dynamic interest and keeps the scheme from looking too flat.

4. Scheme 1 – Cityscape SW 7067Relaxed Khaki SW 6149, and Shoji White SW 7042

Gray has been huge for the last five years, and although there’s been an industry trend away from grays recently, it looks like they might be here to stay in Colorado. If you love gray this is a great scheme for you. What we love here is that the trim color and the additional body color of Shoji White and Relaxed Khaki help warm the scheme up. Oftentimes, clients will go with a variety of grays or keep the colors quite cool toned, but that can feel very sterile and unwelcoming. The accent and trim colors here help warm up the body color and keep it from feeling too dark and heavy.

5. Scheme 8 – Grizzle Gray SW 7068Gray Matters SW 7066, and Snowbound SW 7004

This is another great option if you like gray, but feel more comfortable with a harmonious scheme. Grizzle Gray and Gray Matters keep us on the cooler side of the things, but the contrast between the two body colors does create some nice variety. Snowbound on the trim is great and will help you achieve a nice sharp contrast. If you’re looking for a dramatic gray scheme then this is a great option!

Highlands Ranch Best Golf Course Color Schemes

1. Scheme 13 – Mountain Road SW 7743Downing Stone SW 2821, and Snowbound SW 7004

Green was massively popular this year and it looks like that will carry over into next season. Because of this, we had to include this beautiful scheme with Mountain Road.  What could be more fitting for Colorado? We love this green, because it’s an understated way to add color without your home looking too playful. Mountain Road paired with Downing Stone on the body keeps it earthy, warm, and grounded. The nice contrast from Snowbound is the perfect trim color to help the body colors here pop.

2. Scheme 19 – Thunderous SW 6201Sensible Hue SW 6198, and Gossamer Veil SW 9165

Here we have another very dramatic and sophisticated scheme. These colors are very monochromatic, which create a very harmonious look. Thunderous is deep and moody while Sensible Hue and Gossamer Veil add a bit of softness. If your home has darker features this could be a great option for your home.

3. Scheme 38 – Portico SW 7548Retreat SW 6207, and Creamy SW 7012

The pop of color with the secondary body color, Retreat, is what got scheme 38 on our list. We absolutely love Retreat and it really brings an earthy coolness to this scheme that helps balance the other two colors. Portico is a great neutral and Creamy is a very warm white that won’t feel as sharp as some other options like Snowbound.

4. Scheme 40 – Renwick Golden Oak SW 2824Believable Buff SW 6120, and Classical White SW 2829

Is this the wildest scheme here? We’re not sure, but we love this slightly orange-y-brown body color in Renwick Golden Oak. This color comes from Sherwin Williams historic Victorian collection which means it’s a color that’s been around for ages. This is a great option if you like a true, warm color scheme and Believable Beige helps soften the depth of Golden Oak. Classical White is another tried and true white option that adds to this very traditional scheme.

5. Scheme 42 – Night Owl SW 7061Honed Soapstone SW 9126, and Modern Gray SW 7632

We’re finishing strong with this incredibly fun scheme. Night Owl is one of the darkest colors in Highlands Ranch Golf Club color options, so it’s sure to stand out. This has a slight green undertone (again a huge color from the 2021 season). We also love Honed Soapstone as a unique, but beautiful accent on the body. Modern Gray is just as the name suggests, a very modern and updated gray that isn’t too cool and brings warmth.

Tips for Choosing an HOA Paint Color

There are 42 schemes for the residents of the Highlands Ranch Golf Club. That being said, you are not limited to these schemes alone. You can also submit additional schemes to HRCA for approval if none of their recommended schemes suit your needs. To view more color scheme options for Highlands Ranch, check out the Sherwin Williams HOA Archive. If you’d like to see a review of the schemes for the Villages at Highlands Ranch or another neighborhood please let us know over on our Instagram!

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