Painting Kitchen Cabinets – Giving New Life to Familiar Surroundings

Throughout the 20+ years Catchlight has been painting homes in Greater Boston, we have completed countless kitchen painting projects. We love painting kitchens! As the heart of the home, a freshly painted kitchen can give new life to the entire interior, reviving it with fresh, clean lines or color inspiration. It’s fair to say that when we finish painting a kitchen or painting kitchen cabinets, it is always met with great delight from our clients.

This piece will feature some of our favorite kitchen cabinet painting projects, highlighting what made them such innovative successes within the kitchen design landscape.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets – Bold Colors Set the Scene

Modern interior design often calls for a minimalist approach with neutral, cooler colors. We love the fresh look of these kitchens, providing a blank canvas against which other design choices can be highlighted. Still, there’s nothing like adding a bold “pop” of color to an otherwise neutral kitchen; it can invigorate the room with emotion and intentionality. 

In the following examples, our clients chose bigger and brighter colors when painting their kitchen cabinets.

  • Hague Blue Island in Newton

Farrow and Ball paints are recognized for their ability to create “declarative” and bold statements that simultaneously come across as harmonious and unobtrusive. This Hague Blue island with built-in cabinets is a shining example. Juxtaposed against light marble stone countertops and surrounded by warm-white base colors, the island cabinetry has just enough primary-color vigor to attract the eye and give ‘new character’ to the entire kitchen.

  • Rembrandt Red in the Back Bay

Red is a passionate, emotional, and distinctly “lively” color, and this resplendent kitchen in the Back Bay has all those attributes and more! Catchlight used Rembrandt Red to awaken these kitchen cabinets and help the space match the client’s tastes, certainly less subdued than what most imagine in a traditional Back Bay brownstone. There are few better examples of how kitchen cabinetry brings new life to the space; the two-tone magic of the white-checkered backsplash and the Rembrandt Red cabinets is a reference example worth highlighting. 

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets – Make the Space Your Own 

As the gathering spot where everyday life takes place and where guests and family gravitate, the kitchen should be a reflection of the homeowners’ taste and personal style. So, why let it sit uninspired? 

Our kitchen cabinet painters are some of the most talented craftsmen in Greater Boston, and whether you have a specific vision for the perfect design or have no idea where to begin, we can help bring new life to the heart of your home. 

To begin discussing our interior painting services and how best to revitalize your kitchen, please contact us today.

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