Every homeowner Catchlight has worked with has had different design goals motivated by their own unique style. Like snowflakes, no two design schemes or color choices are the same. Part of our work involves helping our clients tease out their aesthetic goals by asking the right questions during the discovery phase; this helps us more clearly define the results they are looking for.

A foundational element of interior painting, one that is sometimes overlooked, is the choice of interior paint finishes. While less visually impactful than color, interior paint finishes each have a particular effect, providing a room with a distinctive look and feel. 

Interior Paint Finishes – Why Do Contractors Use Different Styles?

The choice of interior finishes is almost entirely aesthetic-driven. Occasionally, a painting contractor will present finishes that are better suited to, say, hide imperfections on a wall or cabinet, but often, it’s all about ambiance.

A high-gloss finish will reflect far more light than a matte finish. If an interior space has plentiful natural light, imagine the dramatic effect of a vibrant, high-gloss color; it creates a bold space, something visually energized. A matte finish reflects less light and helps to make spaces feel more intimate and cozy; this is true whether the colors are neutral and warm or rich and saturated. Understanding the design intentions of the space is the first step in helping homeowners make these choices. 

Paint Finishes- What Options Can Homeowners Choose From?

While there are more than three paint finishes available, homeowners tend to select from these primary options: matte, gloss, and satin. 

Matte Finish: Timeless Elegance

A matte finish is often described as warm and velvety. When painting walls in historical residences around greater Boston, matte finishes are frequently the paint finish of choice; they create a comforting and relaxed presence in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms while at the same time are best for covering imperfections. Where you want a soft and calming atmosphere, a matte finish is your choice.

Gloss Finish: Contemporary and Bold

Glossy or high-gloss finishes are perfect for spaces that aim to be bold and eye-catching. Our beloved kitching painting project, the Rembrand Red kitchen in the Back Bay, is a prime example of how a glossy surface can make color pop, reflect light, and steal the show. A gloss finish is best suited for statement features in a space, such as cabinetry, a kitchen island, or wood trim – too much gloss can assault the senses, so it needs to be used carefully to achieve the desired effect. 

Satin Finish – A Subtle Balance

For areas around the home that fall somewhere between contemporary and traditional, a satin finish is the perfect compromise. Suitable for bedrooms, hallways, and family rooms, satin finishes are quite amendable to almost any interior design style, with the added benefit of being easy to clean.

Adding Dimension to Home Interiors

Using varying interior paint finishes throughout the home creates a dynamic range of surfaces, introducing depth, character, and intention to each color.  Before making a choice, we suggest painting small paint samples on different walls throughout the room that is being painted. Then, walk into the space at different times of day to make sure the color and finish reflect your design goals.

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