The form and function of interior design schemes have an ebb and flow to them. Victorian times were formal, and the mid-century touted clean, colorful lines. Today, we see an open, often more casual aesthetic to match today’s way of life. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the kitchen. 

It wasn’t long ago that the kitchen was a place for cooking everyday meals only, certainly not where anyone outside the family would choose to gather. Instead, guests were entertained in the dining room, away from the chef and the accompanying mess of meal preparation. 

Today, the in-home dining experience is completely different, placing the kitchen at the very heart of it.  As more and more people have become cooking enthusiasts and exposure to food culture is ubiquitous, a greater emphasis is placed on creating beautiful kitchens built for hosting family and friends. 

In Catchlight’s 3+ decades of home and kitchen painting, we’ve seen the full gamut of kitchen design, from those that are strictly utilitarian spaces to now as the focal point of a home. One of the more delightful results of this shift in lifestyle is the kitchen island. And for Catchlight, it’s the painted kitchen island that is near and dear to us!

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Painted Kitchen Islands – An Opportunity to Gather

It’s rare to see a modern kitchen designed without a kitchen island or kitchen bar. They help define the kitchen space and create a transition between different functional areas. Often central to the room, a bar or island is perfect for hosting conversations, testing mixologist and cooking skills, and, of course, dining. It is also the ideal spot to add a satisfying “pop” of color and personality. 

One of Catchlight Painting’s shining examples of a beautifully painted kitchen island is the Farrow & Ball, Hague Blue-painted Kitchen island in Newton, MA. Here, the clients wanted to imbue the kitchen space with a splash of color that would be visually dynamic and engaging without being too loud and distracting. The confident presence of the Farrow & Ball collection was the perfect solution. 

This blue kitchen island has an elegant yet bold and commanding presence. The beautiful natural stone slabs add so much visual (and physical) weight to the space, and Hague Blue is confident enough to match it. We are very pleased with the project’s result; it is an excellent example of how a painted kitchen island can simultaneously work with surrounding neutral tones but also distinguish itself with an engaging presence of color. 

Projects in Greater Boston

If you have a kitchen or home renovation project in the works and are looking for interior painting contractors, Catchlight provides premier interior painting services throughout the Greater Boston area. Please be in touch. We’d be delighted to hear more about your project! 

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