For anyone who has undergone restoration work on their home, you’ll know that it’s seldom a “quick fix” situation; this is especially true of historic homes. Hiring a contractor for kitchen painting can quickly become much more involved than originally anticipated. Yes, it’s highly likely for a job to be done correctly, but issues underneath the surface must be attended to before finish work can be completed. There’s an element of opening “Pandora’s box” that comes with the undertaking. When one problem/issue is fixed, it can reveal another waiting behind it – it’s simply the way things go. 

For Catchlight, it is quite common to be brought on to a historic home restoration project for interior or exterior painting services, but it’s quickly discovered that the home will need work performed that may not strictly be in our painting wheelhouse. But wait!

Historic Restoration Capabilities

In historic homes, a simple painting project can quickly become more involved – we have our own resources in-house for light carpentry, which includes matching existing molding profiles, shaping wood shingles to match originals, rot repair, masonry repair and sealing, window repair, glass replacement – all issues are within our skilled carpenters’ capabilities. However, when there’s an issue that our team is not equipped to handle, that’s when we’ll recommend someone who can. 

Rare Restoration

Many of our clients own historic homes; Colonials, Victorians, and mid-century architectural marvels are found in many Bostonian townships. In these homes, if antique furniture needs repair or a 19th-century French chandelier needs rewiring, you can’t run down to Home Depot or Target and source the parts and expertise needed to restore them properly. We have a great working relationship with RARE Restoration in Brookline Village for these scenarios. 

Working with RARE Restoration 

RARE’s reputation extends throughout Boston and Greater New England. If we have a client in need of restoration work for items ranging from 1930s art deco floor lamps to antique door locks, RARE has seen and repaired it all; trust us, there are some interesting and esoteric items out there in need of restoration work, chances are RARE can get the job done with beautiful results, exceeding expectations. 

Woodwork restoration, metal work/polishing, glass repair, and rewiring vintage lighting, all the while using conservation-grade materials to ensure authenticity and longevity, are at the heart of what RARE does, and we’re proud to work with them to bring our clients the same reference-level results that they would expect from Catchlight. 

Historic Restoration – Embracing Our Community 

Being entrusted to work within our clients’ homes and bring new life to cherished spaces is not something lost upon us. Whenever we’re committed to painting, restoring, and rejuvenating a home, the entire team is dedicated to crafting results that everyone can be proud of. 

Over the decades of working in the Greater Boston area, we’ve curated a network of historic restoration professionals, such as RARE, who are just as obsessed with beautiful results as we are. 

To learn more about our services, please contact us today. 

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